Pulling Weeds

“Good morning, Brother Chris. Your tomatoes are spectacular.” “Praise be to God.” “Would you like some help weeding?” “Thank you, Brother Jacob, I would love some. My knees are killing me.” “Are they? You always look so content here, working in your garden.” “I am, in mind and spirit, but the body does have aContinue reading “Pulling Weeds”

Why I Don’t Sign Petitions Anymore

“Sir! Do you realize that your state senator is a murderer?” “No thank you.” “Did you hear me? Senator Smith is a murderer! He must be brought to justice!” “What? The guy with the …” “Yes, the one with the big ears. He killed four people, and he’s not fit to represent our state!” “HaveContinue reading “Why I Don’t Sign Petitions Anymore”