Stories. Mostly Fiction.


“At a traffic light, a little girl riding her bike to school stopped and met my gaze. When Zoe was small, I taught her to ride a bike, to wear a helmet, to stop on red and go go go! on green. I thought I had it figured out, this fatherhood gig. I taught her the rules, and she was happy to learn. No more. A bus stopped between me and the girl, and by the time it moved on, the girl was gone.”

Grain, Spring 2022

Little Woman

“Muscle on muscle, shoulder in armpit, sweaty arm against glossy cheek. I fake left, go right, release. His body, launched by instinct in the air, knocks mine to the ground as the ball falls silent through the netless hoop. Foul. I wave off his sorry hand.”

Upstreet, Number 17

The Big S

“What was so big about it? My conversation with Tim had left me with an impression of something internalized but forgotten, like a dream whose details disintegrate in the morning light but whose pithy emotional core lingers through breakfast. It was enticing and frightening, and it smelled like… onions?”

Metaphorosis, April 2021, Metaphorosis: Best of 2021

The Rock in Your Shoe

“You discovered that while you can kinda-sorta reason with a bipolar, alcoholic drummer, there is no amount of logic capable of penetrating the thick fog of babyhood, and like the dungeonmaster in the KMS song, Pain Banquet, Naomi knew just where to jam the bamboo spikes.”

Instrinsick, October 2020

A Night Out

“So I’m waiting by the door now, walking in a tight circle. If someone saw me they’d think I’m insane. Why not read a book, watch a movie, play the piano, draw a picture? I like doing those things, but not right now. I’m bored!”

Space and Time, Summer 2020

Suzy’s Friend

“Dear Dr. Hanover,
I am writing on behalf of the Octopus bimaculoides in your office aquarium whom you call Suzy. The water is too warm. Please reduce the temperature to 18℃. She would greatly appreciate it.
Suzy’s Friend”

Metaphorosis, May 2018

Making the List

“I went to the bathroom and looked at my reflection. Protruding brow. Large nose. I took off my clothes and stepped back. I have always been husky and strong. I played football in high school, not because I liked the game, but because if you gave me the ball, I could run all the way to the end zone, littler kids dangling from my body like remoras on a shark.”

Metaphorosis, October 2017, Metaphorosis: Best of 2017