Man trying to keep from losing his head.

About David Hammond

I live, dream, and write stories in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with my wife and two daughters. I am part owner of a company called Modern Signal, where I work as a web developer.

If you want to know more about me you had best read some of my stories, which, taken in aggregate, do a pretty good job of describing what it’s like in my skin. Some of them are even autobiographical. Here is a selection, in chronological order of the actual events described:

Good Kid (Burlington MA, ~1978)

Cheaters (Fountain Valley CA, ~1988)

With Fanfare, and Without (Buena Park CA, ~1992)

Broken (Davis CA, ~1994)

Davis, California (1995)

The Summit (New Hampshire, ~1996)

I Suggest (Monterey CA, 1996)

Oweanka (Vienna VA, ~2004)

Do-it-all vs. Know-it-all (Vienna VA, ~2012)

Alcohol (Vienna VA, 2015)

Night Walks (Vienna VA, 2015)

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