“A Night Out” at Space and Time Magazine

My story “A Night Out” is available in issue 137 of Space & Time. I wrote the first draft of this story several years ago. When I dug it up this February, I realized I’d learned a few things about writing in the intervening time and was able to give it a good polishing. What’sContinue reading ““A Night Out” at Space and Time Magazine”

Score: an SFF symphony

Score: an SFF symphony is a series of stories arranged to an emotional score. So, the first story focuses on longing and joy, the 4th story focuses on curiosity and respect, the 14th story focuses on hatred and fun, etc. Each story linked to the next like notes in a musical score. Interesting, no? My storyContinue reading “Score: an SFF symphony”

“Suzy’s Friend” at Metaphorosis

“…Dear Dr. Hanover, I am writing on behalf of the Octopus bimaculoides in your office aquarium whom you call Suzy. The water is too warm. Please reduce the temperature to 18℃. She would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely,Suzy’s Friend…” Read the rest at Metaphorosis or get the Kindle eBook here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08LSV95G9

Reading 5×5 Anthology

My story “Countdown” is in the Reading 5×5 Anthology. The Reading 5×5 anthology = 5 genres X 5 stories = 25 stories by 25 writers, plus lots of extras for writers and readers alike. I’m honored to be a part of it. It was a labor of love for everyone involved. All proceeds go to theContinue reading “Reading 5×5 Anthology”